About Me


I’m Cara.

That’s Wilma. She’s a licker.

I’m a Humor and Parenting Writer, a Freelance Producer, and a Puppet lover.

Previously, I was a broadcast and digital producer for many series and many years at PBS for Viewers Like You, and then I was the senior video manager at Forbes.

I love video, whimsy, and lifting heavy things.

I contribute my drivel to a bunch of places. Feel free to drop me a line.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dana King says:

    Breastfeeding mom invents new feeding technology. “My breasts don’t have air-vents – why should baby bottles?” BARE works w/ suction to dispense air-free milk. Baby feeds fully upright & controls pace & flow w/ sucking strength. Clinical study finds 75% have no GER symptoms after 2 weeks! Dana

  2. YoungHee Hong says:

    Hi Cara, thank you for your writing on MommyNearest about breastfeeding. My breastfeeding experience with my two year old son was almost the same that I thought I was reading my own story. I will have my second child in three weeks and your article will give me confidence and thus actual help in raising her. I will do what is best and I will know it. Thank you so much again.

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