Before You Know Kindness : Kindle Quickie Book Review

I confess – I didn’t finish this book. It just didn’t reel me in immediately and then I decided life was too short to plod through boring books, especially when I had Gone Girl to contend with. Sorry, Before You Know Kindness. You just weren’t interesting enough.

I love how there’s sticker that says “read by Blair Brown” at the bottom of the book. WHO GIVES A F&CK? Put a “Read by Stevie Wonder” sticker there and then I’ll be intrigued, buster.

However, Amy Poehler, who is awesome, ¬†thought it was a good book to read with hard nips and a smoke. Perhaps THAT’S the promotional text they need to include on the bottom of the books.




Are you listening book promoters??¬†What can I say? I’m tomorrow’s adwoman…Today