Before You Know Kindness : Kindle Quickie Book Review

I confess – I didn’t finish this book. It just didn’t reel me in immediately and then I decided life was too short to plod through boring books, especially when I had Gone Girl to contend with. Sorry, Before You Know Kindness. You just weren’t interesting enough.

I love how there’s sticker that says “read by Blair Brown” at the bottom of the book. WHO GIVES A F&CK? Put a “Read by Stevie Wonder” sticker there and then I’ll be intrigued, buster.

However, Amy Poehler, who is awesome,  thought it was a good book to read with hard nips and a smoke. Perhaps THAT’S the promotional text they need to include on the bottom of the books.




Are you listening book promoters?? What can I say? I’m tomorrow’s adwoman…Today

The Road : Kindle Quickie Book Review

I recently finished Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” at my allergist’s office. It turned out to be one of my favorite kinds of genres –  “delightfully depressing post apocalyptic vision of America”.

God I loved it.

I think deep down, everyone loves a good end-of-the-world-people-so-crazy-book, as I bet we can all fondly look back at the first time we read “Lord of the Flies”. Piggy was a chunktastic tyke with specs and asthma/‘asthmar’. Like me. Like Piggy, I would probably also be first to die in something like this. I’d also probably be first to willingly resort to cannibalism, even with canned food in abundance, simply because I’m too lazy to find an opener.

The Glass Castle: Kindle Quickie Book Review



I just love a good memoir about fucked up childhoods. Especially from people that ‘made it out’. Because let’s face it, we all got fucked when were kids, and it’s nice to read about people that had it worse than we did.

At best it’s inspiring, and at worst it’s schadenfraude, but either way it’s win/win situation. I don’t want to spoil this too much but you’ll probably be really moved, pissed off and incredulous.

And with those emotions you’ll probably get a glimpse into what fruit smashing hack legend prop comic Gallagher feels

I, myself, hate life, people and myself so I also take it out on fruit.