Fred, Successful YouTube Celebrity and Your Worst Nightmare

Have you heard of this Fred character?


It’s the most popular web series on the interwebs proving people are losing brain cells at an alarming count. His view counts touch 40 million. My YouTube view counts are under 50.

Apparently some assclown named Lucas Crookshanks or something created this “6 year old character” who is ADD, screams and has a web series. I don’t know about you, but not only do I actively avoid 6 year olds but if they have ADD and are throwing tantrum, I’m exiting through the window.

To achieve this effect he speeds up the pitch of his voice, is as manic like your worst bipolar nightmare, and overall just acts like a one of those rabidly annoying, high-energy punk kids you want to maul in the face with your bare teeth in order for him to stop. Just stop. Please make it stop.

He has not one, not two but THREE movies and an animated series. I’m going to let that marinate while you piss away the best years of your life in a cubicle.


Watch this if you hate yourself:

F U, Fred.